RaceStar Scooters

Available in 50cc or 150cc , 8 brilliant colors. LED Lightings : Front Day Time Running and Rear Turn SignalsUSB Charging PortWarranty : 12 Months Limited Parts WarrantyMPG : 100 Plus Miles

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HoneyStar Scooters

50cc Displacement : 49cc / Air cooled / 4 Stroke Single CylinderCompression Ratio : 10:1Cooling System : Air CooledTransmission : C.V.T.Clutch : Centrifugal Type
Drive : Belt

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COMPLIMENTARY SERVICE Your new electric bike comes standard with 6 months of complimentary service. To help ensure that your bicycle works great over its lifetime, we'll include a useful service schedule and can even send you handy reminder emails.


Blog posts

scooter tune up

Warmer weather approaching? Tacked on 600 miles since your last tune-up? Scooter acting up, not riding or sounding the way it should? About to store the scooter for the season? Or maybe it's the dead of winter with dry roads and warm weather seemingly no where in sight. These are great times to consider maintenance, giving your trusted, dependable scooter some TLC.

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Speed upgrades

Are you ready to add a little more scoot to your scoot? How does 6-9 mph top speed sound? Want to go 63 mph instead of 54? How does pulling away from the pack faster sound? Better acceleration to get up to cruising speed faster? If you are ready, so are we, with some of the best after market performance upgrades available for your ride. Air filter, exhaust, re-jetting, de-restriction.

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