Many first time buyers look at 50cc scooters for their first purchase, but are they a good idea? Well they have a number of pros and cons:


  • They are inexpensive compared to scooters with larger engines.
  • They can be very economical on gas.
  • They are easy to ride, especially for beginners, since acceleration is slow and top speed is low
  • Many states allow them to be ridden by anyone with a driver's license. A separate motorcycle license or endorsement not being required.


  • Their lack of speed and acceleration makes them somewhat dangerous in situations where they can't keep up with the speed of other traffic
  • Their lack of power can mean very slow speeds (20mph or less) up steeper hills
  • Their lack of power means carrying a passenger (when licensed to do so) can be a problem
  • Their lack of power means that if you need to accelerate out of a dangerous situation, you may not be able to do so