Buy Local (not on line)

With a motorized vehicle you will need to have regular maintenance work done, like an oil change, valve adjustment on the motor, a new belt, maybe a battery (if you like to let your scooter sit for long periods) and other normal wear and tear items like tires. If you buy on line and not locally, you don’t have recourse. What if you get the scooter shipped to you from an online website and it doesn’t work? Do you think they will pay to have it returned to them and ship you a new one? Or will you have to get it towed to a local shop and have it repaired? Probably the latter.

Good scooter shops, and that’s why I said to do your homework on where you decide to buy, will support the products they sell and honor the warranty work included with your purchase and be able to do maintenance work for you. It’s a MUST when buying a motor vehicle like a scooter. Some of us with scooters, using them as a second vehicle, like to let them sit around during the winter, or only use our scooters recreationally from time to time which will lead to a gummed-up carburetor or dead battery, flat tires, and other problems. You’ll need to be able to get it serviced and ready for riding. Finding the best local scooter shop will give you good recourse for all your scooting needs!