New Lance 24 Months Warranty - Unlimited Miles with tire to tire Parts and Labor Warranty Assurance
  1. LANCE24 MONTHS WARRANTYCOVERAGEThe warranty covers the rst owner from the dateof purchase for 24months unlimited mileage. Lance warranty all parts of the vehicle except those listedunder the caption“What is not covered”. This warranty covers andrepairs needed to correct defects in materialorworkmanship.This warranty is not transferable.WHAT YOU MUST DO?You must properlyuse, maintainand care for the vehicle as outlined in the Lance Owner’s manual.You must maintaina record of thevehicles required periodic service and inspection. Periodic service and inspection are consideredregular maintenanceand are not reimbursable.WHAT IS NOT COVERED? (WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS)nAny damage resulting from negligence of the periodic maintenance schedule as described in Owner’s Manual.nAny damage with results from repairs, adjustments or maintenance operation by any methods other than those specied by Lance.nAny damage which results from hard driving due to race, rally or operation of the vehicle in a manner which it was not designedfor.nAny damage which results from use beyond the limitations specied in the Lance Operations Manuals such as overloading the vehicle, or any damagefrom the use under abnormal conditions.nAny damage caused when the product is used as a rental/commercial use vehicle.nAny damage which results from use of non-genuine parts of accessories or fuel, lubricant or uid not specied by Lance.nAny damage which results from modications of the product.nAny damage that results from the passage of time (natural fading of painted surface, shell peeling and other deterioration); Consumable replacementparts due to natural wears and tears such as spark plugs, drive chains, drive belts, air cleaner elements, brake pads, brake shoes, clutch disks, lightbulbs, rubber parts, tube & tires and oils.nAny damage due to improper parking, storage or transport.nAny damage resulting from the passage of time including but not limited to natural fading, bubbling, oxidizing, chipping, cracking, peeling, tearing, rust,corrosion and other forms of deterioration.nAny damage which results from repairs adjustment or maintenance operations performed by any person other than Lance distributors or the dealers.nAny damage which results from unavoidable natural disasters, re, collision, theft, and second damages base in any other theseoccurrences.nAny damage resulting from oils, smoke, chemical products, bird droppings, sea water, salt or other similar items.nIncidental of additional expenses insured for making any claims such as those for towing, communications, hotel and meals as sell as any losses duringmaintenance period, such as lose of time loss of business and rental car expenses.nSchedule maintenance and inspections fees.nBatteries (original battery that comes with the scooter is covered for 1 month).ARBITRATION:All parties involved shall submit any dispute arising under this agreement, except a dispute alleging criminal violations, to arbitration in accordance withthe Uniform Rules for Binding Arbitration of the Better Business Bureau of the Southland (published online at and will be in effect atthe time of initiation of arbitration. A volunteer arbitrator will render a decision based upon fairness, not necessarily uponlegal principles, but it will benal and binding on all parties involved.IMPORTANT: VEHICLES MUST BE INSPECTED BY AN AUTHORIZED LANCE DEALER WITHIN 500 MILES FROM DATE OFPURCHASE ELSE THE LANCE WARRANTY WILL BE NULL AND VOID.YOU ARE REQUIRED TO MAINTAIN A RECORD OF THE INITIAL INSPECTION WHICH WILL BE REQUIRED UPONAPPLICATION FOR ANY BENEFITS COVERED BY THE LANCE WARRANTY.LANCEIhave read and understand this document including coverage, exclusions and requirements of the Lance Warranty.CUSTOMER NAME (Printed)CUSTOMER SIGNATUREDEALER SIGNATUREDATE OF SALEMODELVIN#®Revised 05.2017
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